Providing a personalized casket panel at a visitation or funeral service is a great way to add a meaningful touch. Whether your loved one was a gardener, a veteran, or outdoorsmen, our casket panels help commemorate the life of your loved one. Sunnyside Trophy and Memorials make custom inside caps that portray the life of your loved one. This custom piece fits on the inside lid of the casket. We can make a photo collage or engrave it. Our engraved inside casket  cap is a beautiful presentation of information that may be found on the headstone itself: Name, military service, religious, Masonic or lodge affiliation, professional emblems, custom logos, meaningful messages or anything else you would like to include.

Cap Panels

Cap Panels are cut to  your dimensions and are made for easy insertion. Each Photo Panel and Engraved Panel is created at the highest resolution available. These panels are suitable for framing after the service- or you can leave it where it is for the sake of posterity. A Cap Panel can even be created to match your funeral program. After all, each engraved Cap Panel is designed to celebrate the life of your loved one. Sunnyside Trophy and Memorials can custom design an Insert featuring any interest, hobby, occupation or talent.



Single Photo Style with 1 Insert

Single Photo Style with 4 Inserts


Single Photo Style

Photo & Text on Background


Photo Background with text

Multi Photo with Photo Background


Custom Background